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GenIsys Fantasy

GenIsys Fantasy: The GenIsys Fantasy system is getting overhauled. This is a fantasy role-playing system with faster combats and more grit. Results are resolved with 2d10 making you able to have cooler things happen when the player criticals. The system is a point-buy system with a customizable spell creation mechanic. The system does not have any classes but offers optional Archetypes to help you stay on track. Your players can be spell-casting swordsmen or a healing brute. It allows players to pursue a path or paths of their choosing to become the cool and unique character. The magic system is a, build as you go, you can create some genuinely disgusting spells with our spell system, so have fun. This 3rd edition is an exciting and genuinely remarkable Fantasy Role-Playing game system.

If interested in playtesting GenIsys Fantasy, You can contact us through our boards at World Anvil Discussion boards.

Cyberpunk GenIsys

Cyberpunk GenIsys: Cyberpunk GenIsys is the Cyberpunk RPG genre at its best. You can buy equipment at scale. The point buy system allows for a awesome and unique characters every time you create a character. The point buy system and a dozen optional classes each only having 4 levels. The system comes with all, blood and death you hate to love in your cyberpunk style campaigns. It is a 2d10 system with lots of flexibility and growth for the characters as well as the campaign. The Story from the Razor's Edge begins here.


Intergalactic has two prologs depending on if you played Cyberpunk GenIsys and how that campaign ended, for better or worse. It uses the same 2d10 mechanics as all GenIsys Games Products.

Several innovations have been added to the Galactic system. The first being a streamlined wound system. The 2nd is a new innovative and straightforward blaster weapon build system so every blaster and blaster rifle can have different benefits depending on what you can afford.

We have starships, and I must say when we added space debris and asteroids to the mix the combat was a blast. Finally, we added telepaths and depending the pro-log you choose it will change their introduction and how they are viewed in the campaign.

Some of your favorite tech is still here while some has been advanced. Net-runs are done by AIs since human brains are too slow. Droids are everywhere for everything you might need.

Intergalactic: Intergalactic is a Science Fiction Role-Playing game. A space odyssey playing out after planetary disasters forced the residents of the earth to leave the Sol system. Almost everyone is now living in the Aviron Sector. There are endless opportunities for you to seek out old technology on long-dead worlds, meet strange alien races, and fight monsters. What could be more fun? Available Now! at DriveThruRPG.

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Love the content and writing. One of my favorite items, the item creation tables, are awesome and well thought out with room for customization! Lee S.

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