Tome of the Gods 4th Edition

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Tome of the Gods 4th Edition

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This new tome has been updated to be easier to use, easier to become a cleric or Holy Warrior. You will see traditions and superstitions with each faith adding to your role-playing experience.

A fully developed pantheon of 29 good and evil gods, to aid and torment characters. There is more power for all your players. The book delves into the soul and life force and their uses by necromancers as well as a character gaining grace or even sainthood. Each faith gets specific capabilities, devotions, rites, and rituals. Sacred Spellcasting is something else they have access to. Finally, each faith has added particular uses for their Channel Energy.

The Tome of the Gods will open many more opportunities for adventure and role-playing in your campaign. Give Passion to your players and what motivates them to greatness.

GenIsys system relies on a 2d10 mechanic vs. a target number. Characters gain Action Dice to add a bit of luck when they need it.

Our Personality Profile is a replacement for the failed alignment system that everyone keeps using our Personality Profile. Download the character form.

This tome will be available on 5/11/2019. Check it out here..

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