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GenIsys 4th Edition

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4th Edition. What has changed:

The Equity system is now gone. You now just pay CP instead.
Ability Scores: We simplified the cost and progression.
The races CP cost for certain abilities with a CP-2 are all gone. The colubrine race is moving over to the Dark Races guide for those who want dark campaigns and we have added Centaurs, Cimmerian Elves and Halflings into the core book.
There are 4 Arch Types (Not Required). They are Clergy, Fighter, Magic User, and Scoundrel. They are especially helpful for new players or those who want to stay with a particular concept. Specialties in each arch type will help each character become unique. You can have more than one arch type but only 1 specialty. They max out at rank 4.
The number of skills has been reduced from 26 broad skills to 9. They have also been repackaged to better integrate with Arch Types.
The VPT system for spells is gone. We have replaced it with a simple maintenance mechanic, based on the SCA of the spell you cast.
The spell system has been rewritten and is simplified, it is now so much easier to understand. The critical success/failure for each seed has been removed and streamlined.
Seeds now give you some supernatural benefits. e.g. The nature school gives you the ability to start speaking with nature and the higher your SCA in Nature, the better your communication with the creatures in nature is.
Reworked Devotions, Rites and Rituals a bit. They are easier now.
Familiars have been simplified. You can still have more than 1.
Cleaned up the rewards system and made it easier. Added more examples.

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