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Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:40 am
by Auric Draco
Here you will get an NPC every so often for use in your campaign.

Aaron Strachan (Sage)

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:05 am
by Auric Draco
Description: Aaron is a male is 5' 10" and 182 pounds. He has thick cinnamon brown colored hair and blue eyes. He has a Van Dike, a fair complexion and he uses a crutch for an injured left leg, caused by an assassination attempt.

Personality: Aaron is an honest man and is simple when it comes to his desires. These traits are what made him an excellent ambassador when needed. He can learn the simple desires that drive each side of an agreement. He likes to talk about anything. He does not want to be away from his family for too long.

Role Playing: Aaron speaks Common, Dark Speech, Dwarf, Elf, Grimoire, and the Language of Light. Aaron likes knowledge and information. Most of his income comes from copying strange scrolls and tomes. He will trade information but rarely gives away anything unless it is to someone he has had a long relationship.

Shop: Aaron owns a shop, more of a library and scribes office, then store. He has a cat size hollyphant that keeps watch from a high perch. Next to the door is a basket of apples, with a sign that says "take one." Eating an apple has 1% chance per apple of giving the eater a +1 intelligence. Once affected a person can eat another apple, but if they get the 1% again they lose an intelligence point. You can only eat one such apple per day.

Stats and MI: Aaron has a 4 agility and 3 wisdom, intelligence, charisma, and constitution. He is an able spellcaster and has a variety of magic items including a Bracelet of the Valkerie, Glasses that help him a speed reading ability. Bracers of Armor +2, and a ring of protection +2. Aaron currently has 750 CP.

Cydon Dolidrel

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:40 am
by Auric Draco
Description: Cydon is very short and thin Elf. He has a shaved head and keen aquamarine eyes. He has a tattoo around his nose. He has scraggly facial hair and milky white skin. Cydon wears a dirty red colored outfit, it is loose fitting. He also has a stylish handkerchief in their lapel pocket, an out of place cap and a fancy belt.

Personality: Cydon gets his satisfaction from playing his music. He works hard at it and is pretty darn good. Cydon likes to help people and works with his church in relief efforts and benefit concerts. Cydon also helps out the law with information. Cydon is unusual for an elf his age, at 38 he still can't sit still, he is always got something he has to be doing. He loves to play Roll-Ball.
- Cydon likes to collect art

History: Cydon is from Diamond Port, the capital city of the Sea Hunters Domain. Cydon came from a family of elf farmers there and learned to ride. When he started traveling, and he spent some time on the ships around the islands and he discovered he had a talent for entertaining. Cydon picked up a lot of skills traveling for over ten years. He ended up in Tiara (Gem of Aviron), where he joined the Bard's College and now performs all over town.

Stats and MI: Cydon has a 5 charisma, 4 coordination, and constitution, and a 3 intelligence. He carries a +1 Darkwood shield, wears a nice suit of leather armor +1 and an Orc Cap that increases his defense by 2. He carries a Decanter of Allyra and a Pen of Allyra, a magical Flute +2, and he has the Rapier of Rourke. He also carries a few utility potions. Finally, he wears the Ring of the Enchanter. Cydon is a 420 CP character.


Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 8:47 am
by Auric Draco
Description: Dachs is a large bronzed skin, black-haired Man. He is a 6'-6", 292-pound human. Dachs has a crew cut, and his open shirt shows dense chest hair. He wears a platinum new traveler's outfit; it is tight fitting. He carries a battle-ax.

Personality: Dachs is all about glory and battle. He wanders the cities around Aviron looking for work as a mercenary. His village was wiped out by Kobolds and loves to fight them, but the King of the Kobolds has a power to enslave those that get to close to him, so I make sure not to attack any kobold horde with his banner. Dachs loves people, but his anger often gets him into trouble. Dachs has some hope as he was born under the sign of the Unicorn. He speaks common and knows Thieves Kant.

Role Playing: Dachs will join any adventuring group. He is a good fighter, agile and pretty smart. He takes orders well. Dachs is always hesitant to fight Kobolds but will if the King's banner is nowhere to be seen. Dachs is not charismatic, and the loss of his village and family weigh heavy on him, these have given rise to his temper, which flares up at odd times, making people become cautious and sometimes fearful around him. Dachs worships the Fire-god Vita Igneus, and he has not realized this yet, but this fuels his temper at times.

Stats and MI: Dachs has 3 in Strength and Constitution. He has a 2 agility and command. He has a 1 in coordination and appearance and a -1 in intelligence and charisma.
Dachs Axe: This is a +1 weapon and has a Desert Ebony handle and an ebon steelhead. It has the Eager ability which gives the weapon a +1 bonus to initiative while it is on his person and he can draw the weapon as a free action. The craftsmanship is average (SC 16).

Victor Damarara

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:14 am
by Auric Draco
Description: Victor is a Human male, he is 6' 2" and 242 pounds. He has a shaved head and sapphire blue eyes. Victor has several days stubble, nice warm tan and a tattoo of a flying gull below his left eye. He wears a new pink loose fitting traveler's outfit. He is also is wearing a beret. He smells of dust and sweat.

Personality: Victor is a religious man and worships Quitari regularly. He is an expert and wealthy engineer now, and he likes the finer things. He hunts and collects paintings. He loves things that endure and does not like change. He does not like being out at night. He does not like Royalty but has become accustomed to the nobility, so his sensibilities are changing with his status.

Victor Speaks five languages: Goblinoid, Common, Elf, Gnome, and Cimmerian.

Role Playing: Victor is the head Engineer in Tiara. Players with a desire to build might seek him out. He is an expert in all types of construction; he developed the River Inn, which acts as a bridge and Inn over the river that passes through Tiara. The inn is an engineering marvel. He prices things fairly. Victor adventured for a short time but found he is genuinely gifted in engineering. Victor's Parents living on a farm in a forest not far from here and he has a wife and two.- daughters that he dotes on continually.

Stats and MI: Victor has 570 CP. He is 33 years old. Victor has gotten paid for his services in magic potions on occasion but they do not pay the bills so that is rare, he has quite a collection now. Victor has a 4 in intelligence, charimsa and command making him an excellent leader. His wife a lady of the forest gave him his wedding ring that makes him more likeable to animals. He has a magical Hnadax and light wooden shield, both made from blood wood and both +1.

Ariande Beorn

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 10:37 pm
by Auric Draco
- Ariande, is 5-10, 140# elf with brown eyes, and brown scraggly hair. She currently does not like to look or act like a beautiful elf woman. Ariande is an elf that was raised by a dwarf family after her parents were killed by orcs.
- Ariande, was later left with humans and because of her beauty was quickly adopted. She was raised by a noble family who taught her the ways of the aristocracy and she has become a follower of the faith of Bahamut. She learned to fight as well and is an excellent skirmisher.
- Her adoptive mother and father over 100 years ago now but she carries on as if she is one of the family. She wants to make her family proud, and she struggles with her boyishness and a desire to start becoming a woman.
- Ariande likes to collect heraldry, throw darts and enjoys her pets. She speaks Common, Dwarf, Goblinoid and High Draconic.

Magic Equipment: Chain Shirt +2, Dagger +2, Long Sword +4, gives her its bonus to resist disarms. It also does double damage vs. Ogres. She has a Cloak of Weapons, that makes her an expert in any weapon she has in her hand. She also has a +2 Small wooden shield that gives her immunity to one elemental type damage for 24 hours after being chosen. She has a Spear +3 that does 2-20 points damage when thrown, see javelin for range increments. Finally, she has a Mask of Death: When worn she is immune to fear, energy drains, aging effects, diseases, paralysis, and the undead curse. She can also immediately note undead just viewing them with the mask on.
She has 759 CP.

Deneir Mayor/Wizard/Clergy

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:06 am
by Auric Draco
Description: Deneir is a Human male, he is 5' 10" and 176 pounds. He has medium length well trimmed straight auburn colored hair and golden brown eyes. He has several days stubble, a pink glow about his cheeks and he has a star-shaped over his left eye, caused by the authorities, and I was branded for a crime. He wears a tight-fitting brown old traveler's outfit, it is fashionable. He also is also wearing an Amulet.
Deneir's father was a glazier. But Deneir had bigger dreams. As a boy, he collected military patches and emblems and wanted to be a warrior. But the fates are cruel, he was out sword fighting with a friendly/rival and accidentally killed the boy. He buried the body and came home. He put up the sword told no one. The loss was hard on him and he was lost for a long time. Fates hand again appeared with the arrival of a wizard who apprenticed him. He learned, adventured and became a powerful wizard. But the burden of his friend's life weighed heavily still. He joined the church of Tylora, the goddess of magic and spent a few years learning and finally became a preost.

Finally, he settled down in the city of Laerie, and soon earned his place. His Grace Duke of Laerie was a fellow adventurer and mentor to Deneir and offered him the Mayoral position. Deneir's businesses include an apothecary, herbalist, glazier, he serves at the local temple and is an advisor to his Grace on all things magical. Denier seeks rare knowledge and is always helpful to good people. He dislikes people who stare.
Deneir is 41 years old. He has brought his father to live with him and his young family. His mom and two brothers both gone. He has a wife and five children.
He has 1,860 CP, has a 6 intelligence 5 charisma.
Denier speaks Common
Magic Items:
His wedding ring is a +3 Ring of Protection.
Bracers that give him a +6 Defense and resist 50% Cold damage. They also heal vitality 1/d for 30 points. Finally, they grant him an addition channel energy each day. The craftsmanship is 53.
Ring of Wizardry: This is a nickel ring. You gain 9 mana for spells from the Protection School school. The spells cast from this wand have their maintenance reduced by 1. The craftsmanship is exquisite SC 59.

Hang Khan (Bandit)

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 10:42 pm
by Auric Draco
Description: Hang is a Human female, she is 5' 10" and 144 pounds. She has long cropped curly cinnamon brown colored hair and green eyes. She has a strong body, rough deep tan and She has no marks or other distinguishing features. She wears a loose-fitting bronze old courtier's Outfit, it is no longer in fashion. She also is wearing a hat. She inhales deeply before speaking. She is 40 years old.

Personality: In relationships with men she is very submissive but when fighting she gives no quarter. She collects coins and likes to work on her home. What drives her to be a bandit is she covents what everyone else has. Currently, she is suffering a crisis of faith and has been experimenting with her relationships.

She speaks Common, Etruscan, Keshian, Elf and Dwarf. She has the Ambitious Trait.

Family: She had a man once and three sons, but left them all for her life as a bandit. Her mom is alive and runs a small family jewelry making business.

Magic Items: She wears Elephant Hide Leather Armor +1, DR 3/2. She has a +1 Bloodwood Heavy Wood Shield and a +2 short sword with a grip wrapped in deer hide. It has the "Finder" ability and it removes 20% miss chance when a miss chance from concealment or similar effects are in play.

Lady Yana Risad (Andor Holy Warrior)

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 5:55 pm
by Auric Draco
Lady Yana is an attractive and petite young Va-Kesh woman with shoulder-length black hair and a high forehead. She speaks with a high-pitched voice. Her clothes are always clean, but never fancy. Yana is 20 in the sign under the of the Raven. Her dad is a lord in Sorcerer's City. Yana recently graduated from the Bravari Leadership Academy and then finished up her training as a holy warrior and looking for some adventure to offset her boredom.

Roleplaying: She feigns paying attention to people while handling their possessions to find out which ones they care about the most so that she can target them later in a prank.

Personality: Yana is impish and loves to play jokes on people to watch them get mad. She can’t hide her laughter, which reveals that she is the cause of the prank. She is never serious and, just after the target becomes upset, she will undo what she has done.

Motivation: She is bored and detests that her father has put her to work. Her pranks are her way of entertaining herself while she fulfills her father’s wishes.

Yana is a young holy warrior, with excellent agility and coordination. She is an excellent archer and makes her own Dark Wood Arrows.

Yana is a rank 1 skirmisher and a rank 1 aristocrat. She is 300 CP character.

Daryl Hall (Fighter/Warrior)

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:23 am
by Auric Draco
I am from the Empire of the Five Crowns, Fort Miller, I have lived a nomadic life and have traveled all over the Aviron
I am a Human
Trait: Cunning
I am 25 years old.
Daryl is a Human male, he is 6' 2" and 171 pounds. He has medium length bangs frizzy raven black colored hair and green eyes. He has no facial hair, rough deep tan and he has no marks or other distinguishing features.
He is wearing an old copper scholar's outfit, it is casual. He has a fancy platinum handkerchief in his lapel pocket.
He slumps his shoulders.

Daryl's Social Class: working
Family Home: I grew up in a shared medium apartment with others
My Religion: Ahk. My Karma is -121
Daryl's Background: Illuminator: Daryl was raised among those who keep candles and lamps lit in a city. You are from a common background and your starting social class can be no higher than Peon/Servant/Farmer social class. Daryl gains 1 CP toward his notice skill. Finally, he gains a bonus to see in dim or dark-lit areas gains a +1.
Back Story: Nobody expected anyone from my family to be a ferocious warrior. But I am as scrappy as anyone can be, and I enjoy the attention it brings me sometimes. Even when I attract the wrong kind of attention I don’t get too concerned; I've always proven I can handle myself in a fight, and I've earned a reputation for it.
Daryl's Education is:
Adolescence: No schooling
Childhood: Classroom
Young Adult: No schooling
Career: Self-taught

Daryl's Current Job: Baker / Fighter/Skirmisher
I want to prove my worth to my mentor.
I like to do volunteer work and play roll ball.
Collect: I collect geodes.
Goal: I must discover something new.
I am a connoisseur of fine food and drink and insist on lecturing about it and I have a tendency to be helpful.
I fear heights and hate Neediness.
No one knows that I have killed someone close to a pc and I have befriended the pc as penance.
Languages: Common, Keshian, Cirth (Elemental),
Current Conflict: My dad's need to seek love, is the reason for a curse.
Plots: A mystic order raised me believing me to be the ‘chosen one’. before I reached adulthood, the order was attacked and destroyed leaving me the sole survivor.

Social Class: tradesman
Family Business: Illuminator
Order of Birth: I am the oldest of 7 children
Sibling female, 18 years old. Your sibling is dead and they loved you and you hated them
Sibling male, 15 years old. Your sibling is alive and you hated each other
Sibling female, 10 years old. Your sibling is alive and they hated you and you loved them
Sibling male, 12 years old. Your sibling is dead and you were friends
Sibling female, 12 years old. Your sibling is alive and you loved each other
Sibling female, 13 years old. Your sibling is alive and you were friends

Close Family Members:
-Spouse is alive
2 daughters
- Mother alive, Father deceased
- Grandparents 0 alive, - Great Grandparents 2 alive, Distant Family Members: 69 alive, 42 deceased

Family Honor: Famous/Classic Artist +2
Best Friends: None
Friends: A few 6
Acquaintances: 2
Enemy: None


You are a rank 3 Fighter/Warrior
CP 629.