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Iris Gharul, Sage, Immortal

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Iris is a Human female, she is 5' 8" and 147 pounds. She has long flaxen blonde thick hair, and it is scraggly. She has green eyes. She is thin and has a fair complexion. She has a thin scar over her left eye.
She is wearing casual white adventurer's clothing. She has an odd belt buckle made from the wood of a Silvermoor Mahogany tree.
Iris has a hard time staying pinned down and likes variety. She is a bit of a joker as well. She is a bit of a quixotic. Iris is 2,862 years old now. She is immortal as far as she can tell. She stopped aging at 24. She had a husband and 3 kids who have long since passed and she occasionally will find someone who was their kin, and she makes friends with them and helps them out.
Iris Gharul is a sage now sharing her wisdom with others. She worships the goddess of magic and is a source of lore and knowledge for the church.

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