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A place for fans to contribute to the Cyberpunk GenIsys experience. If we use any of your work you will get a credit.
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City Guide Contributions

Post by Auric Draco » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:33 am

I am building the City Guide for Cyberpunk GenIsys.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to contribute: I am looking for a few more gangs and establishments to add to the supplement.


The gang should have a reason for being and add some crazy to it or its members or its leader/s.

The Establishment can be anything really, just something with some personality.


You will get individual writing credit for anything we use that you have posted here.

Thanks in advance. If you know someone who might want to contribute, pass this one.


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Re: City Guide Contributions

Post by Lowericon » Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:05 pm

From my current game, set in the city of Nuevo Paradiso:

The New Mexican cities of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos, Roswell, and various other small towns have been conglomerated into the sprawling city of Nuevo Paradiso.

The Establishment:

The most powerful corporate entity here is, of course, GenIsys Corp., but a close second is Sunport, LLC (an amalgamation of real-life Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Sun Country Industries). Los Alamos National Laboratories, Andrews Air Force Base, and the White Sands Missile Testing Range are all within Nuevo Paradiso's zone of control. This has made aerospace engineering the #1 legitimate industry in this region. Planes, rockets, missiles, bombs, etc. are all tested and manufactured in Nuevo Paradiso. Sunport LLC recently installed a sky hook in Nuevo Paradiso, but it was blown up before its maiden journey by an as-yet-unidentified terrorist group.

Gangs of Note:

The Pistoleros - 150 men strong in Nuevo Paradiso (recently reduced to 25 by my own party), the Pistoleros are a mid-level street gang with chapters in Los Angeles, Denver, and Mexico City. Their structure is somewhat loose, like an alliance of ancient Greek city-states. The leader of any given chapter rules his territory as unquestioned king, but chapters will stick up for each other when one is facing a threat from a more powerful outsider. Gang members identify themselves with a tattoo of crossed black pistols. Their primary rackets are Nico-Sticks and whores.

The Flaming Peacocks - What began as a 4-man burglary team has grown into a 30-man enterprise. Their bread and butter is the theft of electronics from homes and businesses, but they are sometimes hired for higher-stakes heists like jewelry, artwork, corporate files, etc. Their real strength is in their fences. The Flaming Peacocks can sell anything you bring them, no matter how odd or exotic. The name started as a joke between the founding members; something loud and ostentatious for a group that operates through stealth.

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