Just Bought Intergalactic

Hello all, I am deep into a galactic guide and I'd like to find out what you want. Do you want the planet info, corporate info, new monsters to fight? Let me know below
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Just Bought Intergalactic

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I didn't know the first thing about the system or setting, and gave it a chance, spending more for the print copy + pdf. The game is interesting, but could use an editor not affiliated with the original playtest group to go over the character creation process with a critical eye. I stopped trying to build my character after the (downloaded separately at PWYW $0.00) character sheet was not up to the same process (missing fields for the process listed in the book). Having each step in the book-listed text, is really vital to this game, and as the sheet is written, it does not facilitate that workflow.

I find the scant amount of information about the odd/unique alien species selection didn't help me make an informed choice, without knowing how the species' fit into galactic civilisation. Speaking of which, I understand the word, 'Intergalactic', to mean between galaxies, not Intragalactic, within the same galaxy. I was expecting the game to focus on world in multiple galaxies, as in the Andromeda TV series; that, sadly, doesn't seem to be the case at all. :( With no discernible setting information which ties my character and the Central Worlds to the larger events, I find that Intergalactic is another unrooted sci-fi setting with little difference to offer except its difficult to master character creation, its customisable weapons, and possibly some aspects of the ships. However, as the map pack seems to be expanding, I gather that there IS a setting -- the original playtest campaign setting? -- which is very clear to the creator, but not at all apparent to newcomers, and certainly not from reading through the rulesbook. How can I begin to understand the setting that is second-nature to those who had the benefit of playing with the game's creator? How, if at all, does Intergalactic tie-in with the fantasy setting, and am I expected to own the cyberpunk setting to fully understand Intergalactic (and is the Cyberpunk setting the same world as the fantasy setting, but later in its history???)

Scott, I am monetarily invested in Intergalactic now (having purchased the print copy), so, I am interested in seeing the game succeed -- I'm not tearing it down, I'm hopeful that I can get a grip on what I just bought and feel like it was worth my money. Can you help get me there?

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Re: Just Bought Intergalactic

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I am sorry I missed this post. I agree it does need a critical eye. I just do not have the money for that currently. I also agree about the setting, it is almost done actually. But I have been working on another project and have not gotten back to finish it.

Just a note, as a matter of excuse: I lost my daughter and my dad last year. That did not leave me in a good place. But I am back writing and will be finishing my current project and next on my list is to get back to intergalactic.

Thank you for your purchase. I want to thank you for your time and view of the game. I will take these things you have mentioned and will improve them.



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