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The Next Edition

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Well, I am not a guy who likes to be wrong, but GenIsys is going to get another rewrite.
After playing the new edition some things were evident. I also saw some areas of frustration that I think some will be easy to alleviate. DOn't worry it will not become a class/level system like D&D or PF.
I think I want to change the ability scores a bit and give more meat to the arch types.
I want to expand the skills, not to what they were in the 3rd edition but more than the last edition. I want to control spells a bit, but leave in most of the customizable stuff there is still too much math and I want to see if I can take out some of it while making it easier.

I am also finding that the 2 column formate saves a bunch of room, which means all my tables and charts will need to be adjusted. I am going to really clean this up and make it more professional.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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