Remote Body Bombs

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Remote Body Bombs

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I'm currently looking for a device that could be implanted in the brain or maybe the base of the neck, which will explode and kill a person instantly. I'd like it to be remotely-controlled from a great distance. I feel like this sort of thing might already exist, in use for controlling prisoners, slaves, field agents, etc. Does anything like that already exist? If not, I think it should. It seems like the sort of thing that would exist in a bleak corporate-controlled universe.

Currently, I'm thinking I could do it by modifying any of the following cyberware:
A: Drug Store. Torso/Arm/Leg upgrade slot. No entry in my book, but it's 1 or 2 versions old. I'm guessing the idea is to store useful drugs for immediate use, but what if there was a secret cache of deadly drugs, to be released by remote control?
B: Hiden Holster. Arm/Leg upgrade slot. Instead of outfitting it to hold a gun, you fill it with explosives or drugs.
C: Independent Air Supply. Arm/Leg upgrade slot. Instead of oxygen, you fill it with poisonous gas.
D: Storage Space. An option for any body part; size dependent upon body part. The most straightforward way to pack a bomb inside a person, it would seem.

All of these will require an explosive element and a remote triggering element. What does everyone recommend?

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Re: Remote Body Bombs

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They are all doable.

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