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Tome of the Gods

Death of a God

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Ahk defends himself, and in his riposte, Dural leaps into the attack. As Ahk withdraws his weapon, Dural falls to the Sea of Glass, his blood dripping through a nearby gate to the underworld. Asmodeus calls all of his forces to feast. The creatures of the Underworld, in a frenzy of bloodlust, try to catch the blood of Dural. They enter the gate to feast on his blood as it drips through the gate. Neriah, ever vigilant, sees an opportunity to seal Asmodeus and his host forever. She takes her dagger and thrusts it into her heart. She cries out a Blood Curse. Her blood falls onto the splinters of the Tree of Life. The fragments become tremendous and terrible creatures. Neriah in her last breath commands these creatures to seal and guard all the gates to the underworld and let nothing out unless summoned. She disappears before she utters the final three words, (by the Gods).

Tome of the Gods

The Tome of the Gods will open many more opportunities for adventure and role-playing in your campaign. Give Passion to your players and what motivates them to greatness.

A fully developed pantheon of 29 good and evil gods, to aid and torment characters. There is more power for all your players. The book delves into the soul and life force and their uses by necromancers as well as a character gaining grace or even sainthood. Each faith gets specific capabilities, devotions, rites and rituals. Sacred Spell casting is something else they have access to. Finally, each faith have added specific uses for their Channel Energy.

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Download a Sample Here is a sample from the book. This is Ahk the god of Law.