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The Razor's Edge

After the outbreak of the NZT Virus in 2020 four billion people died in less than a year. Then things got worse for everyone.

With 5 billion dead, the radioactive ash from the mass eruptions and dirty bombs set off in countries around the world. The world went to hell.

Everyone was affected, the virus decimated governments and corporations alike. This thrust young, inexperienced people into leadership positions without any experience in every sector of the world. Many world governments devolved quickly as their dishonesty and deceit quickly turned to paranoia. After nine years, another billion had died because of revolutions, coups or just poor leadership. Some corporations survived, they were the people to work for the company, not self-interest. Those organizations with good leadership adapted quickly. They were able to survive, while others were not so lucky.

The first country to fall to this paranoia was North Korea, and they launched a nuke but missed their intended target, and it landed in Laos. The Chinese were outraged, and their new emperor panicked and retaliated and nuked Pyongyang. The fallout drove the North Koreans into the south, and a war broke out to defend their borders of South Korea.

The Next Crazy with a bomb was a terrorist group called Black Night, they set off a dirty bomb in Chicago leaving Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan labeled as hot zones.

The middle east erupted into all-out war. No one could stop it. When the dust settled, there were only seven countries left, each run by fanatics declaring their beliefs to be righteous.

The new North African consortium had built up an army and sailed barges right into New York Harbor. 10,000 men with 553 suicide bombers wreaked havoc all over New York. The Barges after dropping its army turned around and blew themselves up right under the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and several others went off in or in the shipyards.

The drug cartels overthrew Mexico, and this quickly spread north. They took Baja, Some of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. They captured the San Diego Naval base and continued north up to Camp Pendleton where the marines stopped their advance.

30 more years of hell on earth and here we are today. Corporations run most of the world. The government did their best to represent the people, but they could barely maintain minimal city services and create a fleeting sense of order for the survivors. But the people know the government usually sides with whichever corporation has the most power in the situation, leaving the people to survive as best they can.

But the corporations are not all bad, with the lack of regulations and tax burdens the corporations have advanced various projects and given the people who can afford them some wonder gadgets, better medical treatments, and cybernetics. They have mastered gravity with the new autonomous and Anti-Gravity vehicles.

Of course, the art of espionage and war have progressed as well. Corporations are constantly spying on competitors and protecting their secrets. They all employ security forces that are like the military of a small country.

All of this power in the hands of the elites has given rise to an underground community called "Razor's Edge." This group seeks to expose the darker side of corporations and governments in hopes to force them to do what is right. Afterall it is the people's buying power that keeps these corporations in power. Expose them, and you hurt their bottom line.

Now it is your turn. Do you join the megacorp Executives, get rich and move into the office on the 40th floor. Do you help the people in hopes to make things better? Or do you travel the dark paths somewhere in between? It is your choice and your life. But remember life is cheap so its best you look good till you die.