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Cyberpunk GenIsys Titles

Product # Name
CPG-01 Cyberpunk GenIsys DriveThruRPG
CPG-002 Character Sheets DriveThruRPG
CPG-003 3 New Backgrounds DriveThruRPG
CPG-004 13 Pregenerated Characters DriveThruRPG
CPG-005 GC Forms (NPC & Data Fort) DriveThruRPG
CPG-006 GC Supplement DriveThruRPG
CPG-007 Guide to Crescent City TBD
CPG-008 Corpora te Guide 2020
CPGO-001 Out on the Bayou DriveThruRPG
CPGO-002 Young Pups in too Deep DriveThruRPG
CPGT-001 26 tables for TableSmith will save you a ton of time. DriveThruRPG
CPGA-001 Prime-Time Supernatura/Stargate/Dresdin Add-In for CPG and IG Canceled

GenIsys Intergalactic Products

Product # Name
IG-01 Intergalactic DriveThruRPG
IG-002 Character Sheets DriveThruRPG
IG-003 Maps DriveThruRPG
IG-004 GM Supplment and GM Screen DriveThruRPG
IG-005 Aviron Sector Guide 2020

GenIsys Fantasy 4th Edition Products

Product # Name
GF-300 GenIsys Fantasy 3rd Edition Coming Soon (PDF and Soft) TBD
GF-313 Character Sheets (PDF) TBD
GF-302 The Price and the Promise (PDF & Softcover) TBD
GF-303 The Price and the Promise (Clergy) (PDF & Softcover) TBD
GF-403 Libram of Magic Item Creation (PDF) DriveThruRPG
GF-404 The Libram of Magical Equipment (PDF) DriveThruRPG
GF-405 Adventurer's Guild (PDF) DriveThruRPG
GF-413 Witch's Bundle
Includes 150 page product list of elements
GF-08b Alchemist Bundle
Includes 150 page product list of elements

3rd Edition in Beta Test

If you are interested in beta testing our 3rd Edition Fantasy system Contact Scott

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