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Paths add depth to a character and campaign. Paths allow characters to obtain cool powers and abilities they would otherwise not have. Each path has requirements to join. Each path adds uniqueness to any character and a character can join and use multiple paths.

The most common path is the AG (Adventurer's Guild) free below. This helps adventuring parties find work, and they guild offer several other benefits. Most importantly they take care of your taxes, so the tax collector does not come knocking on your door. There are different paths, like the Crafter's of Magic, they are extremely good at magic item creation. There are paths for just about every avenue your characters might wish to take. You can pick this one up free on our website if you have not already.

Free Guild Path

Adventurer's Guild: Takes care of taxes, allows you to carry arms in civilized areas. You gain a FREE Legacy Talisman. You can name your own price at Get it Here.

Types of Paths

Guild Paths: These paths are the standard guilds you know and love. These guilds are organized power structures and tend to be secular. They usually seek profits or similar mundane goals.

Military, Noble House & School Paths: These paths include military schools that teach tactical control of your units. The noble houses vary in their teachings depending on the focus of the family. Schools primarily teach combat, but there are a few others like Bard's College that show those who want to learn to control masses people through their talents as an entertainer.

Path of Heroes and Legend: These paths are the paths of raw, focused power. They fight for their beliefs and rarely waver from their paths.

Paths of Clergy and CultThese paths expand on the clergy from the Tome of the Gods. They also add cults both good and evil that have deviated from the various faiths and their agendas may be similar or counter to the god's actual teachings.

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The paths listed below are being worked on.


Clergy and Cults

Paths of Hero and Legend

Military & Noble House & Schools

In the Works