A grig
Varana, a Grig pilot.


Intergalactic uses the same 2d10 mechanic and takes your characters into a galaxy not so far away. It is 200 years later, and some corporations just don't die, GenIsys Corp is spreading across the sector, and Naran Technologies is run by descendants of Naree herself, still right at the cutting edge of technology. A dozen optional classes, seven backgrounds, telepaths, and nearly 50 traits help to round out your character. Life path tables will be both bane and boon as your character gains contacts, lovers, physical and mental impairments, enemies, and the worst of all family.

Two Prologes are available.

  1. One is dark and gritty with lots of problems for everyone. Earth was on the brink of extinction when a new race offers to move your inhabitants to another world. There is only one problem; they can't take everyone. You have intergalactic corporations and menacing imperialists of all types. You have alien races and pirates.This prolog fits very well with Bladerunner, Babylon 5, or Expanse type campaigns.
  2. Earth was able to avoid its dystopian future. The people of the Earth are working together for the first time ever. The earthlings meet their first aliens, the Cilarie. They become friends. As the races work together, A Cilarie scientists notice a problem with Earth's sun. They warn Earth of the impending disaster. Humans and Cilarie make plans to move everyone who wants to leave Earth. This prolog is a more hopeful future, with your players focus more on what is out there ->. This prolog also works well Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica type campaigns.

In both scenarios, you have galactic races and worlds to explore. You have cool Tech, blasters, and cybernetics.

The custom blaster charts are straightforward to use and allow you to customize your blaster.

Depending on the prolog you choose, the social status of your character might be important.

Action Dice are used to bail yourself out of situations, and campaign qualities can be used at the mission or campaign level.