The GenIsys Tome

The GenIsys Tome

This system moves away from the restrictive character classes and allows you to build your character the way you want it. Also, we want you to play our system, we will be adding content, and some will be available without cost here at this site. For the GM the system allows you to use most of your OGL/D20 monsters, you won't have to buy new ones to play our game.

Book Cover

The spell system is the highlight of our work, with every spell definable by the caster at the time of casting. He can do this as long as he has mana. Mana regenerates each round so say goodbye to the 5 minute work day.

This is our core book. It has both player and GM information. This nearly 200-page tome contains all of the information to create characters.

The characters are created with a point buy system, buying everything from ability scores, learning spells, skills, puchasing power and feats.

We have finished the Libram of Magic Item Creation and the system is streamlined beyond belief. A three step process. They are coming soon and will be available at DriveThruRPG. This will be a living PDF and I will update it regularly with new magic items both from myself and contributers. I also have a quick Excel spread sheet where you plug in a few details and it calculates the time to craft an item. It also can calculate gold cost for potions and scrolls.

3rd Edition in Beta Test

If you are interested in beta testing our 3rd Edition Fantasy system Contact Scott

All d20 OGL monsters usable with GenIsys RPG (This saves GMs a ton of money)

You can use any d20 OGL monster with a simple AC conversion everything else will works just fine. If the AC has natural armor in its bonuses, just halve that number (rounding up) all other bonuses still apply as normal. This is now its defense. The DR of the creature also equals that halved natural armor bonus as well. Below are 3 examples.

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