Game Controller Material

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Domain of the Game Controller

First I would recomend getting TableSmith from . It is a freeware program, the license is only $10, and the support community is awesome. I have used for nearly 10 years now.

Next Purchase our Cyberpunk GenIsys tables. These tables will save you hours of time. They generate a ton of stuff specific to your game and you can easily edit the tables to fit your specific needs. There are currently over a dozen tables with generators for loot, goons, plots, sytle, gangs and corporation names and details to create your own evil corps throughout the world. You get all the tables for $3.00. We can email them directly to you.

NPC and Data Fort Forms These forms are quick forms for NPCs, Both PDF and a fillable Excel forms are included. Get them and DriveThruRPG. There is also a Data fort example.


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