GenIsys Games

Contact Info

You can contact us through our boards at World Anvil. World Anvil discussion boards.

GenIsys games is currently based in South Western, Idaho.

If you wish to get involved either in art, play testing or even writing, email me at the above link. If you decide to join us, please sign and send the Non-Disclosure agreement.

Why another game Company

I had several goals in creating these systems, and I achieved a lot of them. The first is that I love two things that seemed to be mutually exclusive; the first is a class based game system, and the 2nd is a complete point buy system for a character. The second was it seemed that classes seemed to penalize in your weaknesses, we did away with that. Then I got a piece of advice a few years ago from Tom. It was this, if it does not make the game more fun or simplify it, don't change it. That was a hard rule to live by, but I think it has helped over the years. Things can get pretty convoluted when you start trying to manage everything a character can do. My final goal was that I wanted to give the character a real sense of power as their character advanced.

But now I want to say we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We will admit them and fix them, so point them out.

Finally, we hope you will not only be happy with the vision we have for our products. But, we hope you will chime in with your thoughts and ideas about what we have or have not done. We want to do better. If you have ideas or new directions, we want to hear those too.