GenIsys Games

About GenIsys Games

GenIsys Games was started in 2008. But the system and ideas behind it have been around since the early 90s.

Many of my friends have been telling me to publish my work, and I have finally taken the steps to make the GenIsys game system a reality.

After years of hard work, I am at a point where I think others will like to play the GenIsys system. I have played and run the system successfully with several groups of players and they all love the system.

My goal now is to make the game more fun.

One System to Bind them All!

One complaint we hear a lot, is "I don't want to learn another system." Well, now you don't have to. When you learn any of the GenIsys systems, you have learned them all. All our systems are compatible. You will also find that you can add the magic system from your fantasy game to your cyberpunk or intergalactic game if you want.

Fantasy Credits

Cyberpunk GenIsys Credits

Current and Past Play Testers

Tom Jakob, Alexander Stokes, Thomas Pitts, Colin Rowe, Alex Lenz, Eric Torgerson, Cody Bashaar, Seth Bourn, Les Connor, David Li, Connor Badten, Daniel Gruber, Scott Bianchi, Randy Braden, Sean Badten, Ryan Anderson, Kyle Huey, Maxime Asselin, Bryce Kish, Michael Reed, Niels Haulesson, Pierre Christen, Connor Badten