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Welcome to GenIsys games. Below you will find major changes and updated as well as project status updates.

Current Projects

We are seeking play testers for the final bata.

I have just finsihed up the Alchemy guide and have completed the elements listing for the druid, witch and alchemist.

I have finsihed the Magic Item Creation guide and have a 20+ page book of magic items. This will be a living PDF and I will update it regularly with new magic items both from myself and contributers. I also have a quick Excel spread sheet where you plug in a few details and it calculates equity cost for items. It also can calcuatle gold cost for potions and scrollsl.

Updated Character Sheet

Character Sheet 1.65, this is for the updated magic skills.

Personality Profile

Alignments should die a slow and horrible death: Your character’s beliefs and personality should be the basis of 80% of the “Role-Playing.”. But in most games people just use Roll-Playing. Most people just play themselves as a character, and never internalize the beliefs nor do they embrace all the internal and external conflict that comes with them.

Those two letters (LG,CG,LE,CE...) are supposed to say a lot about who you are but most people only pick NG or CG and never think about it again; they then play it the way they want. But, why? It is the essence of our alignments (Personality) that brings our character so many opportunities to delve into the depth of a character.

I think it is because alignments can’t truly identify our personality, and we can’t see every decision we make in one alignment.

It is like this: No one is a single alignment. We all have things that make us good and bad. We all have our demons and skeletons in our closet. So what I did was put together a list of fluid numbers that define us. They will change as our experiences change us. Many of us have had moral dilemmas and we worked our way through them. These things change who we are. The linked below will help you weigh your choices according to what the character finds necessary at the time. Good and evil is more of an overall blending of some of the numbers.

We call it a Personality Profile. It is broken down into five sections. Each section defines an area of your personality. These numbers represent your values or beliefs.

Personality Profile: This is a list of motivations for your character, it assigns numbers so you can decide from a character stand point when moral and other dilema situations arrise. I have added some thoughts to help with the understand of the profile here, Profile Thoughts.

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