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Welcome to GenIsys games. Below you will find major changes and updated as well as project status updates.



Also, in the works is our next 2d10 system which bridges from Cyberpunk. This uses the same 2d10 mechanic and takes your characters into a galaxy not so far away. It is 200 years later, but some corporations just don't die, GenIsys Corp is still around testing its products on anyone it can, and Naran Technologies is run by descendants of Naree herself, and they are staying right at the cutting edge of technology.

two lead-ins are available depending on how you left your Cyberpunk campaign. Yes, this product does stand alone also, and you can then choose the lead-in you want to use in that fits for your campaign.

You have intergalactic corporations, menacing imperialists, both seeking to take over the galaxy. Also, you will have cybernetics and cutting edge tech.

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